We know that you have planned for your vacation and have worked hard for this. You want to enjoy yourself and relax when you visit a new place, alone, with friends or family. We would like to share some experience with you as well as feedback from customers who booked a day trip in order for you to get the most out of your trip. For this reason we have some recommendations for you.


  1. The expectation

The first recommendation concerns the traveler’s expectation of the trip. It is unlikely, but possible, that the trip’s itinerary gets changed. There can be a variety of reasons: the weather, the tides and currents and other safety concerns. It can happen for example that one location in the program cannot be reached due to low tide or bad weather conditions. When on the boat, the tour guide has to follow instructions from the captain, which can result in a change in the scheduled program. Also please consider the fact that you are not alone or only with your friends or family on the boat or bus etc. and therefore not have the privacy and exclusivity that you possibly would prefer. It is always possible to inquire for a quotation for a private boat or bus etc., if that is what you prefer.
Even if the trip, in the unlikely event, is not exactly as scheduled, you will have a wonderful and memorable experience, meeting new challenges and people!


  1. Tourists

Please be reminded of the fact that when you go on a trip or excursion with others, you stay together on the same minivan, boat and have lunch together at the same location. To enjoy your trip, please make sure you are on time because if everyone is on time everyone can follow the schedule for that day. Please make sure you wait at reception or other agreed upon location at indicated time. Tips in case driver is late because driver has the wrong address, driver cannot find address or driver had to wait for other travelers who were too late: CALL NUMBER DRIVER ON VOUCHER OR CALL NUMBER GZONE TOUR AND TRAVEL/PHUKETRAVELER!
Once on the way enjoying your trip, please follow the information provided by your tour guide precisely. They will guide you during your trip. Please stay close to your tour guide and don’t wander off too much on your own and forget the time. It is not nice for the group having to wait for you for the boat or minivan to be able to leave. Everyone should respect each other!


  1. Local People, Local Food

When people go to a place for the first time, they will meet local people, culture and food. Food in particular deserves some attention. In general, people who had experience with Thai food have no issue eating Thai food. Most Thai food on the trips is non-pork as well. However, if people prefer to eat something different, in case of allergies or simply due to vegetarian preference, they have to let Gzonetour and travel/Phuketraveler know in advance. We can then arrange for the food that you require, which you can enjoy at lunchtime on the island.


  1. Guide

On all day trips a tour guide is present. The tour guide will lead the tour and is responsible (within limits) for your safety. The tour guide will provide you with information, advice and assistance. This will usually start when you arrive at the pier, camp or other location. Please follow the directions and instructions from the tour guide precisely. The tour guide might give you some historical information about the island or other locations that you are about to visit as well. The tour guide will also explain what to do (and not to do) when you are on the boat, island or in the ocean, when, for example, you go snorkeling/swimming. If you have any questions during your trip, please ask your tour guide. In this way you will have an enjoyable day trip experience!