You can book and pay for your trip with our travel agency or the tour operator directly online or by visiting our company in person. Most trips consist of many parts, and it is important for us to make sure that you feel comfortable and enjoy your trip from start to finish.

         1.Click Confirmed

After your booking is confirmed by payment, online, or in-person at our tour agency, we will contact the tour operator to give information about it.

– Your trip that you booked (Some tour operators manage different kinds of trips.

– The date that you travel.

– Total of how many persons, and how many of those are adults, children, and infants.

– Your name for booking.

-Your e-mail address, phone number and social contacts such as Line, Facebook Messenger, What’s App, in order to keep in contact until your trip finishes.

       2.The company who operates your booking

When the tour operator gets the booking Information from the travel agency they arrange:

Minivan transfer.
Some companies operate their own minivans, and some companies rent them on a monthly or daily basis, and this has an effect on the cost of the trip/tour.
If the client stays in an area where free transfer applies, like Patong Beach, Karon or Kata, there usually is no extra charge. If the client stays in Bang Tao, Rawai, or Mai Khao, there might be some additional charge since the tour operator has to arrange individual/private taxi/transport. It is also possible that the client will join a minibus or transportation with some other company, which might involve some extra charge as well. It all depends on the client’s location and the trip/tour start/meeting location. Please keep in mind that the driver is part of the trip and the first one of service to bring you to the pier or the station where the tour starts and to pick you up after the trip/tour to bring you back to your hotel.

During your trip, the tour guide is the leader of the trip/tour. Until the trip finishes, he/she will manage the journey and makes sure that everyone follows the itinerary. The tour guide will also take care of trying to resolve any situation and/or problem that might occur. Some guides have worked for the same company for a long time, and some tour guides work freelance. Guides who have more experience usually will arrange the trip/tour and manage the time efficiently in order for travelers to feel comfortable and entertained. More experienced tour guides charge more and make the trip/tour a bit more expensive.  This is one of the reasons that seemingly similar trips/tours are offered at different price levels. Added value means added cost, which is no different than in other industries.

Captain and crew. 
Captain and crew a part of your trip/tour also. An experienced captain can drive the boat smoothly in order for you to feel comfortable on the boat. At least two other crewmembers will be on the boat to take care of all the guests when on the boat, swimming, or snorkeling. They can also be a lifeguard or help you if you have some requests.

– Restaurant. 
Each tour company has/serve their own different food but almost always Thai food and halal food, with some having western food as well. If you have a special need/request because you have a food allergy or you only eat vegetarian or vegan diet, the client is advised to ask for this before booking. The full-day trip usually includes lunch; however, some companies offer a light breakfast like tea, coffee, bread, jam, cookies. Some trips, Similan Islands, Surin Islands, start early in the morning, with a pick-up time around 06:00 am. On most of these trips, tour companies will serve you breakfast before you get on the boat.

         3. Stand by

It is always essential to follow the instructions of the tour guide; they have the experience to know what is best for the client regarding comfort and safety. When you are in the minivan, at the pier or on the boat or other location, follow the instructions of your tour guide precisely. Sometimes the tour guide will recommend not to sit in front of the boat due to the risk of an accident since it might not be safe because of the ocean’s condition. Some clients do not believe and not follow the advice of the tour guide and want to sit in front of the boat regardless. In some cases, this has resulted in accidents and injuries. Obviously nobody wants that, so please listen to your tour guide! In other cases, clients go missing on an island around lunchtime. They go for a walk, forget the time to be back with the group, and have everyone worried and waiting. The guide will contact the company’s office, then the company will contact the travel agency, and they both will try to contact the client by phone number or social network applications.
A similar situation can arise when the driver cannot find the client to pick up in the morning because the client is not at reception or the previously agreed meeting point. The driver will contact his company and/or the travel agency.
Some situations, the tour guide, for whatever reason, cannot manage. He or she will then inform the tour company and travel agency to report what happened on the trip.

              4. Accidents Can Happen.

              Nobody wants a bad situation to happen during a trip/tour. Here are a few examples from our experience. The first case concerns a customer going on a trip rafting.  The itinerary also included elephant trekking for 30 minutes in a group with about 5-6 persons. One member of the group wanted to take a video of his friend and stood in front of the elephant. The elephant, moody, edgy, or scared, whisks him. The company called us and told us what happened and that they had to bring him to the nearest hospital. The insurance that this company has (insurance Is different for each company and also depends on the trip) took care of the medical expenses. The next day the client who booked the tour came to our shop and told us again what happen and that he was still in pain, so we called the company again. The company told us to call an ambulance to bring the client who got the accident to the hospital back, to clean the wound. The staff of the tour company went with the client to the hospital to take care of him until he got better.

Another case concerns a client forgetting his passport in the minivan coming back from his trip to the Similan Islands. The client contacted us after he noticed his passport was missing when he came back to the hotel. He was anxious because he was flying back home the next day. The minivan driver was home already and found the passport. He could however not bring the passport to the owner. In this case, the staff of the tour company took care of that. We appreciate the efforts that the tour company made to solve this issue. Excellent service without any charge, even though the client offered to pay for expenses.

In some cases, clients forget their belongings such as a wallet, clothes, towel, jacket, hat, sunglasses, etc. We had one instance where the client forgot her jacket on a cruise. She came to our shop and told us about that. We called the company to check, and they found her jacket and brought it back to our shop the next day.

As you can see, our travel agency has to continuously coordinate during your trip from start to finish with tour operators and other parties involved. From our own experience and the feedback of our customers, we advise our customers to manage their expectations. We offer all kinds of different trips at different price levels. Therefore it is important that you indicate to us what you expect and want from a trip in order for us to serve you the best at the most concurrent price level. We are always committed to offer you the best possible service and to help you to get the maximum experience and fun out of your trip that you book with us. See you later!